Veru Torres & Partners was founded to offer clients an alternative that combines some of the best aspects of a large firm, with all the benefits a small one can; without encumbering clients with the essential disadvantages that comes with each business model. In all the matters that we undertake, we strive to deliver a service which boasts both the same (or better) level of quality, skill and expertise that clients would expect from a large, big-city firm; with the uniquely tailored strategies and responsiveness that one would expect to receive from the best of the boutique firms.

We also provide all our clients with better value for money; as we both harness technology efficiently and are not burdened by significant business overheads, thus we are able to pass on the cost savings that are achieved to our clients. This is why Veru Torres & Partners is a true alternative for clients.

We are not focused on securing as many clients as possible, nor are we steadfastly fixated on creating as much revenue and profits per capita as possible. Rather we consider ourselves innovators; who believe first and foremost in commitment to our clients and the industries they operate in and that the experience and practise of law should be a very personal and unique one. The quality of our partner-client relationships and client satisfaction are the key factors by which we measure our success.

Once we have accepted your matter, you can be assured that you will have our full and undivided attention. You will not be competing for it with a plethora of other clients, existing or otherwise. You can also be assured that all substantive work will be undertaken by highly experienced and selective professionals; who are highly regarded in their specific fields of expertise and are capable of working, as a team, to help you achieve your business objectives. At Veru Torres & Partners clients will not find themselves unintentionally in a strait-jacket (ie: being forced to make use of the limited capabilities offered by a network of offices provided by a large firm) that makes it harder for them to handle and resolve their affairs.

Our success and profitability can be traced back to the proper harnessing of expertise and our ability to cherry-pick from the best each jurisdiction has to offer. This leads to a meaningful collaborative approach, and outstanding service to clients whilst critically remaining independent and objective.

By appointing us you can be assured that your matter is in experienced, skilled and caring hands; and that we, personally, will work in your favour to help you achieve the best outcome for your matter.