International Arbitration

Liliana Veru-Torres


Liliana Veru-Torres is a specialist in commercial and investment disputes. She has more than 21 years of experience in international arbitration in a wide variety of industries acting as a party counsel or arbitrator. She is particularly recognised as an “elite” practitioner in all fields of dispute resolution, including arbitration and international mediation, for her prompt and efficient resolution of disputes and the effective conduct of arbitration.

She has a remarkable technical-legal ability, which, together with her in-depth knowledge of the financial, commercial and (re) insurance sectors, gives her an incomparable advantage in the development and implementation of strategies to resolve conflicts.

Liliana is not only Globally recognised (“Ranked”) as an Expert, but also listed as a “Notable Practitioner”.

Her dual legal qualifications in England and Wales, and Colombia, plus her extensive experience in private practice in the UK (where she has practiced law for 20 years) have provided her with not only a thorough understanding of the application and interpretation of different (and often conflicting) legal regimes, but also clarity on other important commercial and cultural nuances that impact business and the expectations of the contractual parties. This experience spans a wide diversity of jurisdictions. In particular, during her 21 years of professional practice, she has acted as defence counsel and/or advice on both contentious and non-contentious issues in the following jurisdictions: Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Honduras, Brazil, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Panama, Guatemala, Chile, Haiti, Australia, Spain and Afghanistan.

Her experience includes: arbitration and/or legal proceedings related to complex contractual provisions regarding liability and quantification of damages; construction of large energy and mining projects; joint venture and/or financial consortium agreements; agency and/or brokerage contracts in relation to commissions and/or professional management; computer crime, fraud, and professional liability.

She also has extensive experience in the successful resolution of disputes (civil and administrative / regulatory processes) thanks to her in-depth knowledge of the legal nature of insurance and reinsurance disputes. She is internationally recognised as a leading specialist in the international market for her technical ability and advice in the drafting of insurance policies and reinsurance contracts, as well as in coverage analysis, regulatory compliance, commutations, and settlement schemes in a significant number of business lines, including: All Risks, Energy, Financial Institutions, Directors & Officers Responsibility, Professional Responsibility, Fraud, Political Risk, etc.

Additionally, the substantive issues debated in many of her matters involved disputes arising from breach of guarantees, price adjustments, false accounting, obligations derived from contracts, as well as interpretation and compliance of financial, banking and / or trust agreements, among others. She has also been involved in the procedural and strategic management of various arbitrations related to the construction and engineering issues of dams, power plants, gas and oil pipelines, and other infrastructure projects.

As a result of her extensive experience, in her capacity as arbitrator, she is in a unique position to provide a global, national or local perspective that enriches the analysis and deliberation of the issues in dispute and thus facilitates conflict resolution and decision-making.

In recognition of her competence and knowledge, she is on the Arbitration Panels/lists of the ICC (London and Barcelona); LCIA; Madrid Court of Arbitration; International Centre of Arbitration in Madrid (CIAM); and Bogotá Chamber of Commerce (Arbitration and Conciliation Centre) – List A. She is also an active member of the CIArb, ICCA, Arbitral Women and Women in Arbitration, among others, and is regularly invited to participate as a speaker / panellist in international seminars and conferences.

Additional information about her education, experience and background is available in her resume which can be downloaded in English or Español.

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